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Your first steps to freedom have begun.
Now that you have decided to quit, we’re here to help.

Tips & Tricks

There’s no magic wand but it’s a mind game after all! No harm in benefitting from the handy tips and tricks that successful quitters have shared with us. Grab 10 no-brainer tips from our Facebook page

Make it easier on yourself by avoiding what we call ‘high risk’ situations. A good game plan will guide you through unexpected challenges and help you overcome temptation at each stage of your journey

There are also going to be situations, routines and particular times of the day that would have involved you smoking before, we call these your smoking triggers. It can be helpful to take note and plan how you can manage these moments or alter your routine to make it easier for yourself to quit.

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Cravings and withdrawals aren’t forever

These are good! Cravings and withdrawals mean you are on the road to recovery and your body is healing itself. It doesn’t make them easy to handle though. It is good to remember that on average, cravings do pass after 3-4minutes. Finding something to distract yourself for that short space of time will make it easier to handle each craving as they come.

Having a hard day?

Part of quitting for lots of us can mean some bad days; maybe feeling low and lonely, bad moods, and anxiety or irritability. There may be some tears and you may over react to things that normally wouldn’t bother you.

There is hope though and it will get better.

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Get support

Why go it alone when there is plenty of support waiting for you? The Quit team are here to help you quit smoking for good! You can call 1800 201 203, freetext QUIT to 50100 or email us support@quit.ie as well as getting us on Facebook, Twitter. You don’t need to be signed up to the Quit programme in order to get our support!

The quit team love to talk and a quick chat with them might be just what you need to get you through a difficult day

Unfortunately they do have to sleep sometimes so if you are struggling after 7pm or before 10 am then why not head over to our facebook page. There is bound to be someone there who can share some tips with you and help you through a tricky time.

Your friends and family will be a great source of support and encouragement. Here are some expert tips and advice to throw into the mix. Help them to help you.

Quit smoking
medication helps

Medication helps

Increase your chances of quitting for good by availing of the variety of stop-smoking medication out there.

Slips and relapses do happen

Sometimes it just doesn’t work out and it’s not unusual to try several times before finally quitting for good. Every time you try to quit, you are a step closer to success. Slips and relapses happen, it’s how you pick yourself up that matters. Want to know how?