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When it comes to quitting, there's no magic wand - but there are lots of ideas and strategies that you can use to quit.  It is a big thing to take on, but it is worth every bead of sweat!

One of the most important things to know is that getting some help and support will dramatically improve your chances of quitting, and make the process much, much easier. That help can take many forms - just reading this website is a big one, so well done, you're already helping yourself.  Using our QUITplan is another.  It will help you work out your own habits and triggers, make a plan to overcome them, and set a date to quit. You can log in anytime, check how far you've come, and get extra support when you need it.

Have you been in touch with the QUIT team? You can call, text, tweet or facebook them anytime, except when they're asleep, and they'll be able to get you through a rough day or give you the advice and inspiration you need to to keep going. 

Did you know that there are 1million quitters in Ireland that have managed to quit for good. One of the great thing about quitters is they love to help other quitters,and our Facebook community has more members than a packed Croke Park, all wanting to cheer on their team.

Our Facebook page is called You can QUIT, and it's something we've become really proud of since it started a few years ago. It's full of thousands of members, some are quitting just now like you, and lots of them are people who have already quit, and just want to cheer you on, or give you some help and advice. Check it out here: YOU CAN QUIT 


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